Kick The Frost: Winter Activities For Homeowners In Pittsburgh

Kick The Frost: Winter Activities For Homeowners In Pittsburgh

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Winter is coming and many homeowners are looking forward to skiing or snowboarding. For those of you who don’t ski or are bored with  building snowmen in the front yard, here are a few alternative activities that Pittsburgh families can participate in during winter months.

Ice Skating

Perhaps you’re more interested in enjoying the weather than trying to get away from it. If such is the case, then consider the sport of ice skating. A trip around the Belmont Complex or quality time spent at the Ice Castle may be just what you and the family needs to thrive. There are also outdoor arenas, such as rinks at the South and North Park and PPG Place.


There is only one curling club in Pittsburgh but don’t let that stop you from playing the game. The Pittsburgh Curling Club is competitive and the perfect fix for new residents hoping to hone in on their skills during the winter months. There is also the option of signing up for local curling meets online.


There are many bowling alleys in Pittsburgh that make staying inside fun. Enjoy a game with the family or get competitive and invite others from the neighborhood to play. Latitude 360  is one of many alleys that provide not only bowling, but family entertainment, gaming, and dining.

Toy Lending Library

A library filled with toys? Who wouldn’t want to come here? The Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library is located in Shadyside and allows first time visitors to come in for free. The environment is very inviting with toys, not books, at the forefront. Similar to borrowing material at a traditional library, however, this exciting library allows children to play with and check out toys for a certain period of time. The library categorizes items based on the ages and grade levels of children.


There is more to dancing than feeling the beat. The Pittsburgh Dance Center can teach you and the family the essentials of rhythm. In addition, Fitness With a Twist teaches students moves that burn serious calories in the long run.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

All new homeowners should make the Sky Zone Trampoline Park their winter destination. Bouncing off the walls is normal and acceptable at this indoor park that is dedicated to providing a safe yet fun environment that everyone can enjoy. Sky Zone has dodge ball and basketball courts that allow attendees to maneuver and slam dunk like pros. Winter will definitely be a fun experience.

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