The Sky Is The Limit With Crowdfunding For Real Estate

The Sky Is The Limit With Crowdfunding For Real Estate

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Crowdfunding is impacting more industries than one these days. What was once viewed as a method of fundraising for artists and designers is now becoming a central way for individuals to invest in commercial real estate.

About Crowdfunding
In short, crowdfunding is a system by which individuals can donate to a cause or organization of their choosing. All gifts are coordinated online through a website specifically reserved for the purpose of collecting funds from the general public. Many filmmakers sought the services of mainstream fundraising sites like Kickstarter after discovering the benefits associated with crowdfunding. Instead of garnering the attention and support of a few investors in Hollywood, directors can petition the general public for small donations. Crowdfunding lends lucrative results when marketed correctly by petitioners.

Crowdfunding in Real Estate
There has been an increase in the amount of businesses asking the general public for investments in recent months. Many companies seek the assistance of the masses when deciding to expand on the commercial real estate front.

“The whole industry is changing by allowing non-accredited investors to participate for as little as $100,” says Dan Miller of real-estate crowdfunding platform Fundrise. “The excitement for us is giving everyone access to investing in commercial real estate.” Ordinary citizens are finding that a contribution as small as $100 goes far in supplying the needs of local small businesses. Such donation also brings a sense of inclusion as the giver takes pride in knowing that he is a part of a greater cause.

Liberality in Investing
In past times, investors requested a look into a business’ spending habits and assets before even committing to provide financial support. Now, as a result of crowdfunding, investors are more prone to contribute to businesses they know little about. While the contributions may not be as great, the financial support can still be added to the investor’s portfolio.

Freedom with investments is definitely making crowdfunding the premiere service in commercial real estate. There is no telling how far this new trend will go in Pittsburgh and throughout the country.

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