China Has Its Eye On United States Real Estate

China Has Its Eye On United States Real Estate

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Unrest in China is leading investors to look elsewhere for real estate opportunities. The United States is taking full advantage of the curiosity by encouraging foreign developers to buy property in some of its most preeminent cities.

China’s Homefront

The housing market in China is losing stamina by the day as fewer citizens are interested in purchasing property. Many businesses hesitate to invest in the market for fear of a crash that could bring about incredible losses. The only hope of progress for Chinese buyers is purchasing real estate elsewhere.

The United States Real Estate Market: A Golden Nugget

The United States has been experiencing steady growth in the housing market these past seven years. While some wonder when the good times will end, many are taking advantage of the low interest rates and reasonable prices.

Chinese investors are certainly making the most of every opportunity. To date, development companies from the Asian country have purchased buildings worth more than $1 billion in Los Angeles and New York. Chinese developers also have their eyes on Miami, Boston, and Chicago as the cities present opportunities for immense growth.

Stephen Collins of real estate and investment company JLL comments on China’s interest in American real estate. “The vast majority are looking for development opportunities, he says. “[Chinese investors believe they] can make more money buying the land, building it and selling it.”

What Does This Mean For You?

As a property owner, you can take advantage of the influx of foreign investment by selling residential and commercial real estate. The steadying economy and low interest create the perfect seller’s market. Even those looking to buy real estate can benefit from China’s interest as more development often leads to more residential options.

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